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  • Dec 15 2022

    15 Creative Bar Promotions (That Increase Midweek Business)

    No guest will refuse a 2-for-1 pitcher deal or $2 off a well drink. But those bar promotions aren’t enough to pull in midweek crowds. Mix it up. Get creative – and a little crazy – with bar promotion ideas that get people talking…and walking into your place. Give the Millennials What They Want For […]

  • Nov 07 2022

    The Wives of Henry VIII

    There are countless topics that keep showing up in trivia games. World capitals, beer, national parks, Academy Awards, etc. Then there’s today’s topic: The Wives of Henry VIII. Who got their head chopped off, who gave birth to which ruler, who died after childbirth? On and on it goes. Instead of pounding the table and […]

  • Mar 15 2022

    What Makes a Good Trivia Question?

    What makes a good trivia question? Ask 100 trivia players and you will probably get 100 different answers. Why so, you may ask? Well, I will now tell you why, my fine feathered friend. The first problem that has to be dealt with is the difficulty of the question. What is easy for someone might […]

  • Jun 09 2021

    4 Ways Buzztime Makes Your Business a Father’s Day Favorite

    What to get the man who has it all? Golf clubs and grills are always appreciated. However, it seems that Dad wants more than material goods. Nearly a quarter of Americans are giving the gift of an experience this Father’s Day, according to the latest National Retail Federation report. Your business can tap into this […]

  • May 28 2021

    Together At Last! In-Venue Entertainment Sparks Post-COVID Connections

    By creating an in-venue experience that safely brings people together for social connections they’ve been missing, you can win customers for the long haul.

  • Mar 23 2020

    The Industry Buzz Recap: 3 Must-Have Apps For Restaurant Owners (Episode 3)

    There are so many innovative apps on the market to help restaurant owners manage their business. Host Adam Marsden discusses the top 3 apps every owner should be using.

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